The Waiting Room

Role: Camera Operator


Director/Writer: Tom Parish

God: Richard Argles

Tom: Matthew McLoughlin

DoP: Arran Green

Camera: Alasdair Baines

Lighting: Chris Broomfield

Sound: Joe Carnaby

Music: C.L Osborne






Role: Editor


Director: Louis Berry

Actor: Calum Gulvin

Actress: Pamela Flanagan

DoP: Charlotte Regan

Camera: Birkan Tercanli

Editor: Alasdair Baines

Music: Dean Case





Final Hope

To be Broadcasted on Sky's Landscape HD TV channel

Role: Lighting


Director: Arran Green

Josie Kyan

Producer: Tom parish

Ebeneza Duodu

Dancer: Beki Stanier

Producer: Josie Kyan

Lighting: Alasdair Baines

Chris Broomfield

Sam Baker

Music: Final Hope-Sean Redmond





A Sticky Situation

Role: Director Of Photography


Director: Chris Broomfield

Actor: Bluehomie

 Luke Osborne

Chris Broomfield

Camera: Alasdair Baines

Music: Dean Case





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